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International Speaker, Facilitator, Coach

Nashville TN-based Elizabeth Power is a subject matter expert on trauma-informed change, resilience, and alignment work with individuals and organizations. She’s also an Adjunct Instructor in Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center. 


Whether it's personal or organizational change, the most-neglected issue is how change impacts people.


The best planned organizational change effort can fail when the people and the impact they experience is ignored, and the most critical personal changes can too.


Power's work on change has been used in organizations including ATT, General Motors' Saturn, the African Creativity Education Conference ACRE, and in trainings for social services agencies working to help individuals make changes in their lives.


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Change Essentials

You'll Learn:


  • How to recognize the feelings change brings
  • How (and why) to separte feeling/facts
  • The impact change has on everyone
  • How to avoid change failure
  • How to make self-discipline a positive tool
  • How change/trauma relate


Anna H. 

"Clearly knows her stuff...has all the goods and delivers them flawlessly. "

Nils S. 

"Incredible perspectives and tools. Speaks truth to power."

Dmitri C.

"I was spinning in failure until I learned this model." 

Roni G.

"Powerful message everyone needs. I wish I'd heard this before my company was bought out."

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6 sessions, 60 minutes each. 6 months of access to our weekly Zoom-based 
schedule (Wed-Th-Fri). Downloadable materials. Coaching available. 


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